Thursday, October 05, 2006

Yep, I cheated.

But I still finished it! The Branching out scarf should have had 27 repeats of the pattern, but I got through 21 repeats and had to call it good. I was definately going crosseyed! LOL
(Yikes! Will I get all of this done for Christmas?!?)


Amanda Cathleen said...

*L* Your scarf looks great : )

J. Denae said...

How cute!! I'm going to try one of those (in all my free time *snort*).

craftybernie said...

Love the scarf. I never liked this scarf when I first saw it on knitty but having seen so many different types of yarn and colourways, I'm falling in love. Looks great.

Just adding you to the Knit1blogtoo ring - you should be receiving a couple of e-mails: one from Ringsurf and one from blogger so keep an eye out in your spam folder.

Best wishes..Bernie