Thursday, October 26, 2006


I know, I know...I keep meaning to take pictures, but never seem to get them taken. i haven't really done much knitting lately. I started a pair of arm warmers, half done. Hedgehog still doesn't have a face. Another hat started. I just can't stay on track for long periods of time. I think it is the weather. i just feel like curling up under a pile of sweaters and going to sleep.
Anyways, filled out an application to work at Barnes and Noble. A bookstore would be a fun change of pace. I don't think I could handle the waitress/bartender thing again. Too crazy. Too many obnoxious people. Food service just attracts wierdos. Yikes. My friend J is so sweet, she let me use her as a reference and will even tell them I am organized! She's even seen my house!
Again, pics soon I hope!


J. Denae said...

You are not disorganized... just a little manic sometimes!! I finished the Tychus hat and have started another scarf even thought I haven't finished the first one. Oh, and there are some socks on the needles around here somewhere.

Love ya!


Ingrid said...

Hey hun, haven't seen you in a while! I think you'd do great in a bookstore, I'd like some office job where I can knit if I'm on the phone or something. ^_^ We missed you Thursday, I can't wait to see the article the Eagle did on our group! Love ya, and hope you're doing well!

Amanda Cathleen said...

mmm, cuddling under a pile of sweaters sounds soo nice! Hope you enjoy working in a bookstore. Just think of the nice discount you would get on all those knitting books! ; )