Sunday, February 12, 2012


Yes, oi.  I've been watching too much BBC today.  So there.  lol

I've finished the main hat part of the last capucine hat and need to block both and make the tassels.  Such quick knits!  I'm now working on the main body of the first fish hat.  Absolutely love the color combo.  Frog Tree wool in a pretty apricot/marigold heathery shade for the accents and a foresty/olivey green tweed (queensland something yummy).  So striking!

And after almost finishing 5 seasons of Dr. Who (I still love the actor from season one the best!!!), I wonder when I can use the word gobsmacked without sounding silly...  hmmm...

BTW, Burn Notice is still working out!  Great guest stars too!

Have a good night!

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