Friday, February 10, 2012


Ugh - had to go into the snow today!  Sooooooooo cold!!!  With how temperate this winter has been, I am not prepared for the cold!  I'm now wishing that my Cassis cardi was done.  BRRRRR!!!!

On an up note, I'm almost done with the second Capucine hat!  They are just too darn cute.  I may have to break down and make one for me after I make one for Charla.  She's slowly making me appreciate earflap hats.  It was just hilarious last weekend.  Hubby and I were down at an auction house near here and one of the teenage helpers was wearing a earflap hat that looked like a penguin!  I've been seeing the patterns for animal hat lately, but I really only noticed the ones for kids.  I had no idea this was a trend!  Did I mention the teenager was a boy???  lol!  Sorry teenage dude, penguin earflap hat that my six year old goes gaga for makes me giggle!

Well, I'm about done for the night.  To anyone out there bored enough to read this and my wonderful mom, good night.  :)

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Ali Anderson-Will said...

I sweetie, your hats sound great, can't wait to see a pic! and hey, the boys ears were probably cold! sometimes being cold trumps fashion right? lol Love your blog. Stay warm. Big Hugs, Mom