Thursday, May 03, 2007

Swap Stuff

Contest 2 - Question 1:
I became interested in felting because of the physics and mechanics of the felting process. How neat to make a solid fabric from one with many little holes in it! Originally the fascination lent itself to hats (I'm a bit of a hat nut!) but I have seen some gorgeous bag patterns, too!

Sock Talk:
Seriously psyched to knit socks! Like anyone should need an excuse! :) I am thinking of something in shades of green...I really want to play with something handpainted. My partner is so nice, she really has no preferencs. It does sound like all she has so far is boot socks, so I want to make her something pretty! I like the Boudoir socks from Interweave or maybe a pair of the lacy ones from the last few issues of Knitty.

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Amanda Cathleen said...

sounds like you have some good plans girl! Lovely bag that you received recently, and a whole box of violet crumbles. I am *so* *very* jealous! ; )
Hope you have an accident free summer too