Friday, May 11, 2007

Crafty Stuff.

I have been so busy posting stuff for all the swaps that I have joined, that I haven't posted anything about what I am doing right now.
1. One-ball half moon shawl from lion brand. This is in a pretty mohairish purple variegated mystery yarn. This was a ball that I got from a yarn swap at my KIP group. I am almost done with the patter and will probably have to knock off a couple of rows for lack of yardage.
2. Office-to-Casual Cardi from Creative Knitting Magazine. This pattern uses red heart soft yarn! Yea!!! I am using up some of my stash of this in a great plummy color. They named it grape, but it is much prettier.
3. I sewed my first piece of clothing! Last year I bought a bunch of material but could do nothing with it since the sewing machine was dead. I finally pulled it out and wrestled with a new pattern. And voila! I now have a faux-wrap front top in a cute cotton print. The seams are a little wavy, but who cares! It fits and I love it.
I promise to take lots of pics when the knit and crochet are done and the top is out of the wash!

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Anne said...

Oh congrats on the sewing! That's one thing I just can't do at all - and great answers on the contests, too :) I am looking forward to the pictures of your FOs!