Thursday, May 24, 2007

Knitted Purse Swap

Yay! My partner from the Knitted Purse Swap finally got her package! I'm so glad she likes it! She posted some lovely pics and praise on the swap blog, but here are a few more pics that I took before sending it out.
The bag and lining.

The crochet red squirrel fridgie.

Beaded wood needles.

I am so glad all of this made it out to L safe and sound!

As for other knitting, I will be starting on my felted bag swap bag soon...I need to round up the yarn for it. I am thinking of doing the Hip-Hop bag from I also have to finish the package of goodies to be sent out to this partner also!

Soon I will get to order the yarn for my Sockapalooza socks! I am going to do the Snowflake Lace socks from Magknits in Mistletoe (sage green) Wildefoote sock yarn. This will be my first real gift socks! I have made ankle socks for the hubby, but that doesn't count!

Back to knitting!
(More pics soon!)


Eternal Sunshine said...

I do love that red squirrel!! Thanks again Kim, you've been a great swap partner! x

Amanda Cathleen said...

that has to be *the* cutest bag I've eva seen! And I love that red squirrel : )

Jessi said...

Have you done tapestry crochet before? I made the Hip Hop bag and I am not uber pleased with how it came out... you can see a lot of the other color where you're not supposed to.