Friday, May 11, 2007

Dishcloth swap contest

If you were going to be whisked from your home and taken to a desert island to live out a year of your life....

What one CD of music would you take? I wouldn't take a cd of music, I would take my ipod shuffle! I am really bad when it comes to music...I will buy a cd for one song only! But, if you all really want to limit me to one cd, I would take my Seven nations cd. They are a great group! Modernized tradaitional celtic music...
What one book? Hmmmm....I usually have a romance novel stuck in a nook or cranny of the living room or bedroom at any given time for good fluff reading, but I burn through those so quickly that I don't think I would want that for my only reading amterial. i would probably like to have either the Lord of the Rings or the Mists of Avalon or something along those lines.
What one hobby-related item? Either knitting or crochet and lots and lots and lots of yarn. This could be exchanged with spinning equipment, but there would have to be an instruction manual!
What one person? I would take my hubby. Conversation and,well, ahem, you know!
What one food? (no, you couldn't survive on a single food, I'm just SAYING) Pomegranates or oranges. I really am on a citrus-y kick right now. Happens every year when everything starts coming into season!

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