Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lovin' the Internet

Thanks for the pattern J! I have begun the Dream Swatch Head Wrap. The lacy stitches were a bit of a trick at first, but it is coming out sooo well! I am using a skein of Claudia Hand Painted Sport in Peppermint Mocha. Check me out on ravelry to see a pic of the yarn! I will hopefully have pics of the head wrap when it is is so smooshy and soft!
As for lovin the internet...I have been chosen to do test knitting for Knit Fit Knitting! I am really excited to be doing knitting on a semi-professional level! It's almost a job! :P I was freaking out a little bit...recently I had developed an odd tweak to my knitting. My purl rows were getting twisted and throwing off my gauge. Seriously, this took me weeks to figure out. Drove me crazy. Apparently I was wrapping the purl stitch backwards. Backwards. This has to be the hormones. I didn't do this before. And I was so relieved when I figured it out! (A little sheepish, too.)
Thank god that got fixed. I am now stuck on my shawl. Three rows of raspberry and no more yarn. I have to pick out a few new colors to finish the last three rows and the edging. I can't find a combo that thrills me. I am probably going to stash it for awhile and wait until I can get the rest of the yarn from the hubby's grandmother's house to see if there is either more raspberry yarn or maybe a better color to go with it than what is here.
More soon!

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km said...

I knit a Dream Swatch for my MIL this summer. I worked on it everyday and had it finished in a week. I needed it for after her surgery (head stitches). Can't wait to see yours. When I got on Ravelry I realized that the DSHW was quite a trend, that I didn't know I was part of. I've got to figure out flikr so I can post pics on Ravelry. I'll have to add you as a friend too. If I can't find you...I'm aDayInTheLife...