Sunday, March 04, 2007


Well, almost socks. I am down to the last row on my first sock of a pair of knee-high cabled wool-ease socks. I am really coming to love the wool-ease that I got from the de-stash party. LESS than one ball has made ONE sock. All I have left to do is kitchener stitch the heel and I can start the second one. Oh, and I have managed to lose my tapestry needle. Haven't needed in weeks, but now I've lost it. That and my Ipod. Who would have thought that I could lose something that for all intensive purposes is the same general weight and size of a STICK OF GUM?!? Hmph. Anyways. On to more fuzzy scarves. i finished the purple one and am now working on the blue one. Also have a white one to go. I swear this my turn me a little more crazy! LOL Will post FO pics soon...just have to track down batteries...than the camera...LOL!

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Amanda Cathleen said...

yay for socks! Hope you can find your needle (and your ipod) soon! : )