Thursday, March 06, 2008

Feeling a smidge GROUCHY.

I just got done catching up on reading blogs and saw this. Poor Cindy! She was the winner of my last contest. The envelope for the ring finally made it to her in the mail, but not the ring! Someone had tampered with the package and stolen the ring. I hope the S.O.B. got a really nasty paper-cut. I have half a mind to go down to the post office and raise a stink. This has never happened to me before and it really pisses me off. But, thankfully, I do have the same beads leftover from Cindy's ring, so I can make another just like it. Hopefully the S.O.B. will have a day off and it can be delivered to her without the tampering. Hmph.
On a lighter note...
Thanks to all of you for your congrats on the new baby. If you didn't get an email form and want to see pics of him, please send me your email addy and I will send you the link!
Another thanks to all of you that have offered support and/or yarn for my blankie! Hopefully it won't take the 20 months it took Shelly Kang! (Yikes, huh?)
More soon!

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Bubblesknits said...

Such a cute little man you have!

I saw Cindy tonight at Knit Night. I say we tell her it was me that stole the ring and that I'm holding it hostage. She can have it back for yarn. ;-)