Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I rock!

Well, at least until J warms up my soup for lunch tomorrow. :) Then we will know for sure. LOL
I loooove to cook. The cold weather really brings out my insane urge to cook and bake. Unfortunately, the hubby will not eat soup. Well, fine then, I will feed friends and innocent bystanders! is the recent knitting!

This is the Christmas Star Pin from Creative Knitting. Easy pattern!!! It seriously took me like an hour to knit up and add the beads. Still need to add a pin back to it though! The yarn I used was Moonlight Mohair by Lion Brand. I just split the two strands up.
More pics soon! (Just gotta finish something else!)


Amanda Cathleen said...

cute pin! : )


Thanks for dropping by my blog.

The sock pattern is Friday Harbour from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush.

It is soooo easy... x