Friday, June 01, 2012

The Story of the Ballstick

There once was a girl (not me) on Ravelry who innocently named a doc file ballstick.  This paper I believe was something scientific in nature, but I digress.  But this girl, she was so tickled that she finished her paper that she chatted with her friends (I being one) on Ravelry and thus shared the name that she named her paper.  It was Ballstick.  Now this was treated with much hilarity!  It still makes me giggle while writing this, you know.  And now that we have the backstory, I feel free to tell you that this silly word and the fun that we have had with it has indelibly etched this word into my brain.  Someday I will be old and forgetful, but I will remember the Ballstick.  I probably won't remember why, but I will remember it!  No doubt, it will probably be my last word to my poor befuddled child or grandchild or nurse or whomever is there to see me breathe my last.  They will lean close, I'll cackle madly and whisper "ball....STICK!"  Now of course this will make them giggle and giggle some more and indelibly etch this odd and silly word into THEIR subconcious.  And someday they will be dying and they will cackle or chuckle or snort and whisper or stutter or shout out BALLSTICK! to their descendant or nurse or parson or whomever.  And on and on it will go until there are no one who remembers us, but the Ballstick will be handed down until someday, someone will wonder, WHY?!?!  And then giggle.  :)

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Ali Anderson-Will said...

You silly it's stuck in my head too. Love you!