Monday, February 04, 2008

Swatches for your cell phone

I just love it when inspiration strikes!
These are the new items I will be offering for sale in the next few days. I still need to go over to Lowe's and pick up the O-rings that they will attach to so they can hang from the cell phone attenae.

Starting from top left: pink and orange acrylic in single crochet w/ pink square glass bead, pink and orange acrylic in garter stitch with dark pink oval glass bead, green and teal acrylic in seed stitch with blue glass bead, green and teal acrylic in double crochet with blue glass bead, yellow and white cotton in stockinette and garter stitch with yellow glass bead, and yellow cotton in eyelet stitch with red wooden bead.
I will be charging $5 (including shipping) for each cell phone charm.
I am hoping to make some in the shape of hats and socks and maybe mittens. I still haven't worked it out yet! I am also going to try to crochet some different shapes.
To keep up a variety of colors and fibers, I am also proposing a bit of bartering if anyone is interested. If you have remnants of fingering, laceweight, or sport weight yarn hanging out in your knitting storage, I will be happy to trade with you! Send me ten remnants and I will send you a cell phone charm of your choice! (I will count large remnants over 20-ish yards as two remnants.) Thanks!


km said...

These are cute. My current cell phone doesn't have an antena though. Have you thought about keyrings?

Bubblesknits said...

What a great idea!!! Those are so cute. :-) I'll have to check and see if my iPhone has a place to put one. Otherwise, I'm with the keyring thingy, too.

Angela said...

They look like they would be good stitch markers too. My cell phone doesn't have an antenna either.

Anni said...

Very cool. I've been knitting mobile phone socks today.