Thursday, August 23, 2007


It really is appalling how lazy I have been. I've gotten past the uber-nauseus stage of this round of pregnancy to the sleepy stage. I seem to be moving slower and slower. It is really an effort to do more than a row or two on anything. I will get my butt in gear and do something soon! I hope. lol I have found a bunch of really cute baby patterns online. This will be the first baby that I will have the time and ability to knit for! Oh, yes, can we say overdressed baby? I am dying to see what sex the baby is! I don't like having to worry about what yarn is "unisex" or not. :P I'm really getting into baby socks. Well, socks in general. I have a pair otn for me, fro the upcoming baby, and for the hubby. Yes, yes, I have left out the boys. For those of you who have seen the chaos of my house, they don't need socks. Well, not yet at least! :)
Hopefully there will be pics soon. The camera still is dead. Somehow batteries can be on the shopping list but not make it to the house! I may break down and try to steal some from something else in the house.


km said...

Congratulations! So, you'll have to send an email with due date if you don't want to blog that. I totally know how you feel right now. 2 baby boys (someone said that to me and I was adamant that they were big boys, but looking back at photos...they were babies.) My oldest was 3 1/2 and my 2nd was 25 months when baby #3 came. I promise I'll only tell you the good things. Like how well they play together because they're close together. And I'll pretend that my house isn't the definition of chaos...ok...I can't lie about that one. But, when one of them is gon for a day with Nana or sure it quiet. And I actually miss the chaos.

Lara said...

When is the baby due? Congrats!

It's natural to be tired when you're pregnant. You're growing a whole other person in there!

My brother and his wife just found out they're pregnant. Between my other sister-in-law and I, that baby (or babies) is (are) going to be covered in yarny things. LOL.

Amanda Cathleen said...

Congrats!! Yay!
I lost my knitting mojo while being pregnant. I was just wiped out.
In this house, its always chaos. And I love it that way : )