Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More photos!

I finally found the camera and good batteries at the same time! (applause) Here are some of the FO's and stuff that I have been and am working on.
Here is a sock bookmark I made out of leftover Bernat Sox yarn. I started using this up for other stuff since I did not have enough for a whole pair of socks. (Only bought one skein!!!)
Here is my bag for the Felted Bag Swap!
I am so crazy excited about it. I wish the colors had come out better in the photo. The purple streaks are variegated violet and lavender and the green is shades of lime, lemongrass, and teal. This bag is a lot of fun to make so far. I got to dye my own yarn! My swap partner is a big fan of green and purple and I just could NOT find pretty wool in that combo. So...I dug out the gel food colors, lemon juice and crossed my fingers! I have only dyed wool one other time. For the bag I am using the Stafford pattern from Magknits. It calls for a worsted weight yarn and my dyed stuff is leaning more toward DK, but hopefully it won't shrink too much when it felts! (Will only partially felt...I looove the texture!)
Here are my washcloths for the Spring washcloth exchange. They turned out soooo soft! I used Bernat cotton. I forget which one...threw away the labels! I got a little carried away, but there was so much yarn! I need to finish pulling this package together and get it sent out! i have until the 21st, but I already got my package from my partner!

Another cloth I made from scraps for myself!
The homemade goodies I put in the package for my Felted Bag Swap partner. An itty-bitty Bernat Sox sock-keychain, and a Peridot cupcake! (August birthday!)


Dana said...

The purple and green yarn looks wonderful, and it must be even better than wonderful in real life!

Bubblesknits said...

I love the purple and green purse! That is gorgeous! And the mini sock bookmarker is a great idea and so cute!

Jessi said...

I love the cupcake and the bookmark. Your pal is lucky!

Nice dye job on the yarn too!

Channon said...

Belatedly, I'm making my way around blogs from the SFBE. I love your sock bookmark, and the bag in purple and green!

Holly said...

I love your patterns you did for the spring dishcloth swap. Where did they come from?