Friday, December 08, 2006

Fork Me, I'm Done!!!

Still a little loony...spent the last two days non-stop knitting. For some odd reason I thought that I could finish 2" of sweater and two sleeves in two days. Not to mention the sewing and tucking in of ends. In two days. Amazingly, I did do it. I won't do that again! I am so absolutely thrilled that my Bob sweater is done, but that was a little too rushed! Bob did turn out rather lovely. I made it out of Red Heart Soft Yarn, in Paprika. It is a gorgeous rich reddish-orange. Kinda rusty. I promise to post a pic soon...I just can't find the camera right now! This morning I finally started on DH's project. It will be the Diamonds for Him sweater vest. It is also in the RH Soft Yarn. No, no, not matching sweaters! His will be in their color Grape. It is a lovely plummy color.
More soon!
I'm going to go sleep of my knit binge!


Ingrid said...

Congratulations on the finished Bob! I hope you like yours more than Gwen likes hers! I'm started the Cindy pattern and it's turning out nicely thus far, though I found a mistake about 15" down. >_< Oops. Good luck with Diamonds for Him!

Amanda Cathleen said...

wow, i bet your needles where on fire! Congrats on the finished Bob. : )