Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm back!

Let me start off with the fact that my internet was down for approximately one week. Yes, one week. You can imagine the secreaming, wailing and hair-pulling involved in this, can't you? I am still catching up on email and reading blogs. I missed you all!
On the yarny front...I am about halfway done with my crochet shawl, but am almost out of my raspberry yarn. I am thinking of finishing in grey and edging in black...or maybe adding purple or blue...lol! Since I haven't reached that point, I really haven't decided. Any suggestions?
In other news, I have been slowly emptying boxes from the garage and trying to put them away in the house. How is it that I can't find space for all my stuff when I have more room than I had before?!?
More later!

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