Saturday, September 22, 2007

Home, almost.

Yesterday, my oldest was finally allowed to come home from the hospital. (Yea!) Unfortunatley, we are not able to take him home to the house that he knows as home. Because of his illness and the medications that he was given in the hospital, he can't go back to the house with the wet basement. Thankfully, we have found another (newer, cleaner, for sale not rent) house in the town that the hubby is now working in to move into. It's just not available until the first of the month. So...we are staying with the in-laws for a week.
In knitting news...
there is no knitting news! I haven't barely knit or even got close to thinking of finishing a project in a month!
More soon!


Amanda Cathleen said...

I hope your oldest gets better soon ((hugs)) nothing is worse than a sick kiddo. all the best girl

km said...

Hope everyone is feeling better. Send an email...what happened??? Sick kid and a move??? I'll be praying for you.