Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I have done nothing lately. I don't know why. Usually I have several projects that I can't keep my fingers out of. Not right now. Well, I do have projects OTN, but I have no desire to do anything at all with them. I haven't even wanted to play with my new yarn. Yes, for me even.
I am stressing over my sockapalooza socks. I can't seem to find the right yarn for the project. Hence, I haven't started them. And yes, I should be mailing these out by August 2nd-ish. I may even give in and go to Heritage Hut and spend way too much on yarn just to get it out of the way. Although, I have been tempted to wait until Twist is open and just send out the socks late, but that wouldn't be fair to my partner! If only they opened sooner! lol Well, since they are opening after my birthday, I should have some money to spend when they do open! Can we say Panda Cotton?!?
In other news, Sarah (the designer of the Stafford bag) posted a comment! I am just silly over this! I haven't ever had a designer comment on a FO before. I am gratified and tickled that she liked it! :)
Well, pics and maybe a sock soon. :P

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Amanda Cathleen said...

urgh, we all go through knitting funks.
I'm sure the socks you knit for your pal will be lovely, just like your other knits : )