Monday, June 18, 2007

More Thank Yous!

My internet has been wonky to non existent for about a week now. Thankfully it is fixed and I can post yummy pics of the latest stuff that I got in the mail!
Here are the stitch markers that I have gotten so far-

Pretty tiger striped from Laura and nifty green from Marion. I like Marion's design - they are strung over a loop of plastic (?) cord and fastened at the end.

And now for a huge (and belated) THANKS! My felted bag swap partner is so sweet! She sent me all kinds of yummy stuff. Coffee and coffee accessories! And Chocolate. (yes, with a capital C.) She also sent very pretty lion suede yarn that I will be using with this pattern.

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Amanda Cathleen said...

nice new markers! and sweet swap! Love the new blog look btw : )