Saturday, May 27, 2006

Thinking in sneezes.

Goodness, my body has been slogging through a whopper of a spring cold for the last few days. Only this morning have I started to feel the beginnings of coherence.
Late last night I made the mistake of thinking that if I worked on my latest knitting projest it would relax me enough to get some sleep. Fat chance! Reading through the pattern ended up something like: knit one, purl achoo, knit one, achoo. Needless to say, I believe I missed a stitch along the way and now have to start over.
I do have to say that in the light of day that all of this has become a lot funnier than it started off being. I just hope my cold goes away soon or I will have to adapt my patterns to accomodate a knit achoo stitch.

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J. Denae said...

The knit achoo stitch would make a great sick-in-bed shawl or blanket... we could even dye verigated yarn (I'm thinking blues, purples and greens) and call it "NyQuil Blues."
Feel better!!

~Nap Lover~