Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Even More Contests

Enchanted Yarn and Fiber is having a contest! It ends tonight, so get on over and enter. Tell them I sent you!
Win some Malibrigo over at Mariknits. Tell her I sent you!
Just Knitting Around is addicted to socks! Go enter her knitaversary contest and tell her I sent you!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Update

Yea, I finally got around to an update! :)
Here are two new FO's for sale:
My first row counter bracelet! It turned out really nice. I had to use a flash in the picture, so it doesn't pick up all the details very well. The 10's row is made with an apple green round glass bead, the 1's row is an iridescent purple triangular bead, and the accent bead is a purple lampwork bead. The slider is out of green seed beads about a shade or two darker than the 10's beads. It is all strung on elastic thread to accomadate a larger range of sizes and to eliminate the need for pesky clasps. All findings are sterling silver. This is for sale for $10 including shipping to the U.S.
This next FO is a swatch keychain. It is about 4 times the size of the swatch charms. (A much better size for hanging out with your keys!) This one was made from cotton yarn in a white/yellow/gold colorway. It is accented with amber/gold and yellow glass beads. It is stitched in an allover cable with garter edging. Keychains are available for $5 including shipping to the U.S. (This one is not available! It was made to order. Sorry!)
As for the rest of my friday update, I will still be selling the swatch charms. I will not be making them into cell phone charms unless specifically ordered that way. If you would like one, they will be $4 each including shipping to the U.S. Otherwise, I will be making charms into stitch markers. (They are really cute this way!) A set of five will be $8 including shipping to the U.S.
More coming soon!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

More Contests...

Blogoversary contest over at Beautiful Things. It ends tonight! Go on over and tell about your fav FO's and win a prize!
Guess how many ends are in the bowl and Purple is a Fruit will send you something knitterly. Tell her I sent you! Don't wait - this contest ends on monday!
Beckyknitstoo is having a low-grade anxiety contest. Go share your story and win! Tell that I sent you!
Knit/pickin' is having a first great FO contest. Go brag and tell her I sent you!
Help Flint Knits name her monkey!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Feeling a smidge GROUCHY.

I just got done catching up on reading blogs and saw this. Poor Cindy! She was the winner of my last contest. The envelope for the ring finally made it to her in the mail, but not the ring! Someone had tampered with the package and stolen the ring. I hope the S.O.B. got a really nasty paper-cut. I have half a mind to go down to the post office and raise a stink. This has never happened to me before and it really pisses me off. But, thankfully, I do have the same beads leftover from Cindy's ring, so I can make another just like it. Hopefully the S.O.B. will have a day off and it can be delivered to her without the tampering. Hmph.
On a lighter note...
Thanks to all of you for your congrats on the new baby. If you didn't get an email form and want to see pics of him, please send me your email addy and I will send you the link!
Another thanks to all of you that have offered support and/or yarn for my blankie! Hopefully it won't take the 20 months it took Shelly Kang! (Yikes, huh?)
More soon!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I have been so amazingly scattered the last few weeks. It's astounding how diorganized I am right now. I am finally settling into a semblance of a routine and getting back to feeling normal. (I'm going back and reading this....it's not so dramatic as it sounds!)
The baby came on the 29th. (yep, leap year!)
I can see my feet! LOL
Alas, there is no knitting content. I have finished a baby hat lately and that's about it. There are still no batteries in the camera. When I get to it, I will have a happy post full of belated knitting pron. :)
I may be getting a little sadistic in my knitting. I really want to make this blanket. Yep, a sock yarn blanket on sz 2 needles. And here comes the fun part. I don't exactly have a stash of sock yarn. But I know you all do! LOL No, no, don't click away. I'm not wanting to seperate you all from your sock yarn. I would be more likely to be poked with all those itty-bitty needles first, wouldn't I? I just want your odds and ends that sit in the back of the closet after you have finished your socks. I would even be willing to trade for them. Send me your bits and I will send you a beaded ring, a knitted cell phone charm, or a knitted swatch key chain.
Now for some contests...
Devon is having a blogoversary contest...go tell her about your fav dessert and that I sent you!
NH Knitting Mama is having a Promote my Shop contest...go tell her I sent you!
Ann is having a contest, too. Go over and tell her I sent you!
The Spring Fling Coffee and Yarn Swap is starting up on March 20th! Go on over and sign up!
That's it for now. More soon!