Thursday, August 23, 2007


It really is appalling how lazy I have been. I've gotten past the uber-nauseus stage of this round of pregnancy to the sleepy stage. I seem to be moving slower and slower. It is really an effort to do more than a row or two on anything. I will get my butt in gear and do something soon! I hope. lol I have found a bunch of really cute baby patterns online. This will be the first baby that I will have the time and ability to knit for! Oh, yes, can we say overdressed baby? I am dying to see what sex the baby is! I don't like having to worry about what yarn is "unisex" or not. :P I'm really getting into baby socks. Well, socks in general. I have a pair otn for me, fro the upcoming baby, and for the hubby. Yes, yes, I have left out the boys. For those of you who have seen the chaos of my house, they don't need socks. Well, not yet at least! :)
Hopefully there will be pics soon. The camera still is dead. Somehow batteries can be on the shopping list but not make it to the house! I may break down and try to steal some from something else in the house.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Camera Angst

All the AA batteries in the house are gone. I have searched, but to no avail. Hence, no pictures of the loverly Sockapalooza socks from M. i really do like them and will take lots of pics when I scrounge up some batteries.

Thankfully, K, took pictures of the socks I sent her. Here is her pic:

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Catching up

Jessica nominated me several days (?) ago and I haven't had a chance to post about it! This is great. Thanks Jess!

Now for my nominations:

J. Denae




Pictures soon! I hope to finish my Sockapalooza socks over the weekend.... :)