Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I have absolutely buried myself in books for the last few days. Went to the local library. I love the local library. They recently got in a new load of knitting books and I had to check out as many as possible. LOL
One of the books that I checked out was Big Girl Knits. Yep, I'm a big girl. And that's ok. (evil grin) I really do think that I need to just knit one of everything out of that book! I adore the knit pants!
I also got Sexy Little Knits. I believe it is by Ashley Paige. Very cute book. Unfortunatley, nothing is written over a size Large. I think there are a few patterns that can be upsized successfully! I mean, who doesn't need a knitted mesh nightie?!? LOL
Anyways, need to get back to my christmas presents! I haven't knitted anything for days!

Friday, November 24, 2006


Too much turkey...
Anyways, still working my way through Bob. Haven't done much else!
Gonna go get some sleep, more soon!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I rock!

Well, at least until J warms up my soup for lunch tomorrow. :) Then we will know for sure. LOL
I loooove to cook. The cold weather really brings out my insane urge to cook and bake. Unfortunately, the hubby will not eat soup. Well, fine then, I will feed friends and innocent bystanders! is the recent knitting!

This is the Christmas Star Pin from Creative Knitting. Easy pattern!!! It seriously took me like an hour to knit up and add the beads. Still need to add a pin back to it though! The yarn I used was Moonlight Mohair by Lion Brand. I just split the two strands up.
More pics soon! (Just gotta finish something else!)

Monday, November 06, 2006


The flower pattern is in the current issue of Creative Knitting! :)


This is the Chunky Lace Cap from Craftbits. I needed a quicky project to do while I am slogging through my Bob sweater. I love Bob, but Bob is taking a loooong time! And nooo, I did NOT crochet the flower. Why should we knitters always have to crochet flowers?!? This flower is from a back issue of Simply Knitting. There looks to be a good flower pattern in the current Knit Simple, I believe.
Here is Harry Bear. A little floppy! He was understuffed. (oops!) Harry's been done for awhile, but Harry isn't photogenic!
More soon!